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Woody by Olfactive O featured in GQ Magazine

Our much-loved British fragrance house Olfactive O seem to be flying lately, what with being featured on the QVC shopping channel, their Gourmand fragrance being nominated for last year’s Sunday Times Style Beauty Awards, features in numerous glamorous journals….and the latest?  Woody is now featured in the popular men’s magazine, British GQ in the “best ambergris fragrance guide” Fabulous!

What is ambergris? Ambergris is one of the most valuable materials in the perfume industry with origins not for the faint-hearted; ambergris is a substance found in sperm whale vomit and used for its sweet fragrance and fixative properties helping perfumes last longer.  Don’t be alarmed however, nowadays most perfume houses use synthetic ingredients to replicate such rare scent!  Read more about ambergris here…

Woody, as the name suggests, is the deepest scent from their collection of their six fragrances, and most certainly a Floralia Perfume Boutique bestseller.  A unisex fragrance however more popular as a men’s fragrance, Woody is smoky and warm, with top notes cedar and black pepper, heart notes of vetiver, smoked leathers and myrrh and a base of white ambergris, sandalwood and labdanum.

Woody retails at £65, 30ml.  Unisex, vegan & cruelty-free. 

Available online and in-store.  

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