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Luxury Wedding Fragrances

Organising your wedding can sometimes be a daunting experience and you may simply be too busy to find that perfect scent for your special day. Whether the bride and/groom, at Floralia Perfume Boutique we offer a personalised consultation ensuring you find the right scent on your special day. You can either enjoy our online guided service or book a wedding consultation in intimate ambience of the boutique with canapes and champagne, while our guided service ensure you find the perfect scent for the perfect day. 

How to choose your wedding fragrance

Firstly, think about the theme, romantic, fairy tale, alternative, rustic, garden party/casual, beach or a destination wedding.  Then think about the date. The time of year and climate is so important to how you select your fragrance; may want something amber or woody for a winter wedding, or fresh and floral for a summer wedding – but not necessarily, at the end of the day it’s up to you! Think about how you want to feel; zesty, invigorated, calm, sensual or bold? Also consider how your scent will work with your special loved one, where you may want to consider layering your fragrances.  

Scent your wedding ambiance

Create a memorable wedding ambiance bringing it to life with our selection of hand-crafted candles and reed diffusers. Ideal for table centrepieces and part of your wedding decor, our home fragrances create memories for that special day.