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May 1865. 153 Welsh emigrants set sail on an old converted tea clipper, the Mimosa, bound for the rugged wilds of Patagonia. With dreams of establishing a new settlement, they arrived in Porth Madryn after a voyage of 7,000 miles. Generations later, their journey still bears an indelible imprint on the region that became their new home.

Inspired by the Welsh settler’s Torta Negra (black cake), Teissendu is a perfect celebration of the Welsh tradition fused with the arid landscape of Patagonia.  Bitter orange, juniper and warm spices resonate a cosy Welsh tea room, married with the dried fruits, nuts and rum with honeyed mimosa…harmonised with the lingering notes of leather and dark sugar crystals. Sublime.

Top notes – Bitter orange, Rum, Juniper.

Heart notes – Nutmeg, Mimosa.

Base notes – Dark sugar crystals, Leather.

Olfactive family – Oriental Gourmand

Perfumist –  created with Roxanne Kirkpatrick.

50ml. Unisex. Eau de Parfum.

“Teisenddu is delicious, with a strange, caramellic-burnt, oddly marine note up top, combined with a warm spicy leather heart and dusted with a powdery-floral cloud. Brilliantly original, and brilliantly executed”Luca Turin.

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