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Our Top 5 Spring Scents

Are fragrances really seasonal? Do you wear the same scent all year round or alter your perfume according to your mood, occasion or outfit?  Why is it we go for a fresher fragrance in summer and a heavier fragrance in winter? The truth is, aromatic molecules need heat to evaporate and dissipate, so when the weather is warmer our fragrances waft more, whilst in the colder months scent doesn’t project as much which probably why we choose a deeper fragrance in winter, feeling comforting and warming. However, your fragrance is your choice for any season, occasion or mood, but if you are into spring fragrances then here are our top 5 spring scents;

Far from a Madding Crowd, yep, that’s it, named after the famous book and evocative of Hardy’s Wessex. Created by niche British perfume house, House of Sarah Baker,  this fragrance is simply put “warm as summer, fresh as spring“. Think a romantic countryside picnic, wild flowers and fresh aromas and here you have it. Key notes of Heliotrope, Bergamot, Petitgrain, Eucalyptus, Black cassis, Myrtle, Plum, Jasmine, Cedar, Castoreum accord, Musk, Oakmoss – spring in a bottle! £32, 15ml, £95, 50ml.  Unisex.  

Floral, by British niche perfume house, Olfactive O.  “Elegant, effortless and romantic“….top notes of Magnolia, English Chamomile and Mimosa couldn’t be more evocative of the British spring/summer.  £65, 30ml.  Unisex.  .

Les Fleurs, created by contemporary niche perfume house, Maya Njie.  Made with love at Maya’s London studio with the eponymous Minnie Riperton song of the same name, this floral fragrance is gentle green floral fragrance with soft note of Bergamot, Neroli, Pulpy Fig, Citrusy Magnolia, Floral Musk and Unwilted Wood.  £95, 100ml.  Unisex. 

Sofiero, a magical creation by niche Swedish perfume house, Swedoft. This floral amber fragrance takes its inspiration from the Swedish summer palace evoking the feeling of wandering through fragrant palace gardens; Rose, Lemon, Jasmine, Musk and Sandalwood.  £185, 100ml. Unisex.  

Springpop, by French luxury perfume house, Maison J.U.S“Overflowing with soft and pure sensations… and if you listen carefully, you can hear a “pop” as each blossom opens” as put by the perfumer herself, Springpop is a bright musky/floral fragrance with notes of Basil, Field Flowers and Musk.  £165, 100ml.  Unisex.  

Happy Scenting!

Avril x

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