Floralia Perfume Boutique Thame | Artisan Perfume Stockist

Our story

Founded in 2021, by Avril McLoughlin after a significant career-change brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, the boutique is named  Floralia (pronounced Flo-ralia) after an ancient festival of blooming flowers in honour of the Goddess Flora and is located in the picturesque market town of Thame, Oxfordshire.  

Niche perfume lover

Avril, a long-time fan of all things niche and huge fragrance-lover, inherited a passion for flowers and scents from her Mother, whose stories of growing up in the Caribbean were often nostalgic of the wonderful floral fragrances of the islands. She lived in the Mediterranean for many years and began to learn about perfumery and its raw materials as a hobby and dreamt of one day owning her own boutique and share her passion of fragrances.  

Our team

Meet Nelly the resident pooch. A Manchester terrier rescue-dog from the Caribbean, Nelly is our much-loved hound; she’s friendly with customers (never barks), has a sensitive nose, she’s very clean and gets lots of walks from local residents. Avril is currently seeking part-time staff, however in the meantime is assisted by partner Gerry (and very occasionally her teenage boys).