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Masterclass with Founder of Goldfield & Banks perfumes, Dimitri Weber

Dimitri Weber

On Thursday 11th August Floralia Perfume Boutique partnered with luxury Australian perfume house, Goldfield & Banks, and hosted an online masterclass with founder, Dimitri Weber.  Guests including Floralia Perfume Boutique customers, press and influencers had the chance to delve into the fabulous creations of Goldfield & Banks perfumes….and wow, we learned so much!

Each guest was gifted a discover set of the Native collection whilst learning about the story of each fragrance and its natural ingredients.  Dimitri Weber, of French/Belgium origin, has a background of 28 years in luxury perfumery and has collaborated with some of the top perfumes houses of the world.  Whilst on a business trip to Australia he picked up on something incredibly valuable; how could a country with so many complex, natural and uncontaminated native ingredients not be celebrated in the art of perfumery?  He moved away from the classic attitudes of French perfumery where rose and jasmine are widely used, and introduced the rarer ingredients such as the precious Boronia flower which blooms for just 3 weeks in September on the island of Tasmania, the main ingredient of the sensual Southern Bloom.  His first ever creation with perfumer François Merle-Baudoin, Desert Rosewood, is infused with the purest Budda Wood oil, and is a rich, amber, woody yet gourmand fragrance, and also a Floralia favourite.  Another exotic blend of rich Australian Woods and also a Floralia bestseller, is Wood Infusion, inspired by the nature of the balmy heritage listed Fraser Island located in the Pacific Ocean.  Goldfield & Banks perfumes encompass pretty much the entire fragrance wheel, from the earthy woods, amber or “floraliental” to the bright citrus notes of Bohemian Lime, blended with the Australian finger lime, a citrus fruit also native to Corsica, and apparently perfect in a G&T!

The name Goldfield & Banks pays homage to English naturalist Joseph Banks, who took the first voyage on Captain Cook’s HMS Endeavour visiting Brazil, Tahiti, New Zealand and Australia, where he discovered and introduced many of Australia’s native ingredients to the natural world.  “Gold – Field” is given as the ingredient sandalwood is harvested best and fields where natural gold is found.

The sensorial journey with Dimitri Weber was fascinating, and at Floralia Perfume Boutique we can only urge you to explore this fascinating range of exotic fragrances!

Happy Scenting,

Avril, Floralia Perfume Boutique