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Late summer, early autumn fragrances

Late summer, early autumn…the days are getting shorter, the evenings cooler yet the sun is still shining and the September light is upon us.  As with seasonal changes, some prefer a seasonal perfume, yet mid-season perfumes can be hard to choose.  Whilst not all of us are quite ready for the smoky, deep oud fragrances, we’re also in need of something a little more warming than the fresh citrusy cooling perfumes.  Typically fragrances that belong to the  gourmand,  woody or amber fragrances families  tend to be associated with autumnal perfumes, yet is it too soon to give up on that summer freshness?  At Floralia, we’ve selected our top 5 mid-season fragrances which range from light ambers to deep florals.  Happy Scenting….

Bascule, Sarah Baker Perfumes

Horses, hay and leather.  Retain some of the summer meadow freshness and blend with earthy notes, keeping you cool during the day and warm at night.  Fragrant notes of grass, peach, bergamot, lily of the valley, hay, leather accord, metal tack, vetiver, amber, musk, fir and tobacco.  Complex, warm yet fresh…developed by Ashely Eden Kessle for Sarah Baker perfumes, this unisex fragrance is a mid-season must-have.

Mysterious Shadow, Swedoft

The lavender fields may have been harvested in August to capture their finest fragrance oils, but our scents with notes of lavender create that eternal summer feeling.  Mysterious Shadow but 100% natural hand-crafted Swedish brand is the perfect mid-season blend of soothing lavender, bergamot patchouli, wood and spices.  Comforting yet fresh.

Une Rose, Obvious Parfum

Opening with delightful notes of fresh rose, Une Rose by French perfume house Obvious, is a modern fragrance that hits with sunshine notes of Florida grapefruit and Mexican mandarin and deepens with comforting notes of Indian pink pepper and cardamom. Fresh, floral and spicy perfect for the late summer and early autumn.

Desert Rosewood, Goldfield & Banks 

Woody yet gourmand, Desert Rosewood by Australian perfume house Goldfield & Banks, is a sensual lasting fragrance that oozes hot summer nights and balmy autumnal evenings.   This fragrance was the first ever creation by Goldfield & Banks and perfectly combines amber, vanilla and leathery notes, both sensual in summer and warming in autumn.

Decou-Vert, Laboratorio Olfattivo

A complex, olfactive surprise, Decou-Vert was created by David Maruitte for Italian perfume house Laboratorio Olfattivo  and gathers three different types of fragrances resonating a mid-season feel.  Flowery notes of lily of the valley combined with “green” notes of sharp vegetation deepen to the comforting notes of musk and woods.  Fresh yet warm.