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Gourmand by Olfactive O features in the Sunday Times Style Fragrance Guide

Autumn has settled, clocks have changed and Christmas lights are slowly being ignited – at Floralia Perfume Boutique we’ve had a short Caribbean break and feel rested and ready for the Christmas build-up. Whilst whiling away the hours reading the papers and occasionally tuning into Instagram, we were delighted to read the news that niche British perfume house Olfactive O was featured in The Sunday Times Style Good Fragrance Guide by Verity Clark on October 30th.

Following the Scent & Wine pairing event on October 13th at Floralia Perfume Boutique, it’s a general consensus that each of the sublime six fragrances from the British perfume house are equally divine, in their individuality and carefully-crafted methods which create a scent personality discovery journey you possibly would never expect. However, it does seems that the featured Gourmand has captured the hearts of many Floralia Perfume Boutique customers (yes, there’s more on the way before Christmas!). Why?  It’s deliciously indulgent, sweet but not sickly, lasting yet not overpowering, personal and warming. Top notes of fig, rum and honey melt deliciously into heart notes of malted tonka and dark chocolate which deepen into base notes of patchouli, amber and vanilla bean, creating a comforting, sensual soft blanket….delectable. Which scent personality would match this fragrance?  In the wonderful words of Olfactive O;

I am the pleasure-seeker, the bon vivant, the giver of hugs and gifts. I treat myself as well as I treat others and appreciate the delight of good coffee, an armful of flowers and a batch of warm cakes.

You’ll find me in the cafés of Vienna and Paris or curled up on the sofa in a huge sweater with a favourite film. I am deep velvet, the glow of a fire, memories of good times. I indulge, but I never overstep”

Thank-you for brand founder Olivia da Costa and anonymous perfumer for creating these magnificent fragrances.


Avril x