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Fragrance or Flowers? We believe in both on Valentine’s Day

Fragrance or Flowers?  We believe in both on Valentine’s Day

Whether you’ve been together forever or celebrating a new romance, Valentine’s gifts can be and should be deeply personal.  Fragrance or flowers?  What could possibly be more romantic than the gift of a fine fragrance which evokes memories and scintillates the senses, coupled with the unique beauty of a romantic rose.  Fragrance and flowers should always be at the top of your list for Valentine’s…and here’s why…

Fragrance creates a lasting memory…..
We all understand the power of scent…fragrance evokes memories and feelings of nostalgia like nothing else.  When we gift a fragrance to a loved one, not only have we taken the time to seek out the perfect scent, we’re creating a memory which will remind your loved one of that special moment, but also remind them of you.

Scents make a thoughtful and lasting gift….

Whilst flowers may not last more than 10 days (however we still think a romantic rose should accompany any fragrance), our selection of quality, luxury fragrances are lasting and could be your belle or beau’s new go-to fragrance.  Scent makes a thoughtful gift as you’ve carefully taken the time to choose, and here at Floralia Perfume Boutique we’re here to guide you to that perfect scent, both here online and at our Thame boutique.

Add a personal touch with our engraving service
In collaboration with the Oxford Calligrapher, our engraving service is a perfect way to add that special touch to a special scent.  Just fill our enquiry form and request a the message of your choice; whether it’s a love note, their name, a special place or date. It always feels like such a shame to throw away perfume bottles, so it’s the perfect excuse to keep the bottle as special keepsake.

And finally, flowers are an absolute must on Valentine’s day…

Yes, they may not last, but they bring a smile to our faces and what could be better than that? Fact….92% of women remember the last time they received flowers; 88% said a gift of flowers enhances their mood; 83% said they they like to receive flowers unexpectedly; 86% said receiving flowers makes them feel special; and 99% said that a person who give flowers is thoughtful…there you go.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Avril x

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