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Fragrance for Fitness?

Christmas is over and it’s time to welcome 2023 with a kick-start to health and wellbeing.  Whether you’re Veganuary, Dry January, hitting the gym hard or simply setting realistic goals, include fragrance in your new health regime this 2023.  Yes, it may sound frivolous but trust us!  It’s scientifically proven that scents have an important effect on our mood, relieving stress, improving sleep, work performance and self-confidence which all contribute to better fitness. Here’s why….

As we all now, there’s a strong link between fragrance and memory – our sense of smell is directly connected to our limbic system in our brains where emotion and memory are stored and processed.  When we smell, our memories our triggered vividly and more rapidly than when we see.  Fragrance can quickly alter our mood and behaviour as scents contain associative properties, creating an immediate sense of calm and relaxation, or invigorating the brain promoting alertness and clarity.  These factors essentially alleviate stress, promote sleep and self-confidence.

Whether you’re in need of punchy fresh notes of citrus, pine and cypress notes to promote clarity, or the calming notes of lavender, neroli or chamomile, our range of home fragrances and perfumes at Floralia Perfume Boutique are hand-crafted, thoughtfully-made and made for you.

Happy 2023!

Avril x

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