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Floralia’s selection of top 10 wedding fragrances for grooms

Wedding fragrances

As Floralia Perfume Boutique will be attending the soon approaching Edward Lewis and Guides for Brides Wedding fairs in the early autumn in Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire, I thought we’d talk about wedding fragrances and what to consider when you choosing your perfect scent for that special day.   Firstly, think about the theme; what’s the wedding style and what scent might complement that wedding style?  Then think about the date; time of year and climate may sway your tastes – you may want something amber or woody for a winter wedding, or fresh and floral for a summer wedding – but not necessarily, at the end of the day it’s up to you!  Think about how you want to feel; zesty, invigorated, calm, sensual or bold?  Also consider how your scent will work with your special loved one.  Private wedding scents consultations at Floralia Perfume Boutique are a fabulous way to find your fragrance. In the meantime, following are some Floralia recommendations of unisex scents for grooms which encompass the fragrance wheel.

Cuir Pampas, Frassai.  This Argentinian “slow perfume” house blends unique fragrances of exceptional quality.  Cuir Pampas is a wood/spicy fragrance that is lasting, sensual and deep with a story to tell. Wedding theme?  Romantic, bohemian, rustic, fairytale. 

Sexycrush, Maison J.U.S.  Luxury sustainable French perfume house with a unique range of niche fragrances for men and women.  Sexycrush is an amber woody scent which  combines notes of Rose, Oud and Vanilla. Wedding theme –  Alternative, vintage, quirky, destination.  

Nerosa, Laboratorio Olfattivo.  Blends by contemporary Italian perfume house is the perfect fix for any special day…spicy yet leathery and floral, Nerosa is a complex, intriguing scent. Wedding theme… Romantic, destination, glamorous.  

Une Rose, Obvious.  Deliciously fresh and floral, with citrus top notes with floral hearts and spicy base. Wedding theme… Bohemian, garden party/casual, destination.  

Sofiero, Swedoft  Lively yet calming, this divine amber floral scent evokes a regal summer palace in bottle! Wedding theme…Bohemian, fairlytale, romantic.  

Gourmand, Olfactive O  Indulgent, sensual, bold, a sweet yet deep fragrance with notes of fig, honey, chocolate, tonka and more. Wedding theme… Romantic, fairytale, glamorous. 

Vanilj, Maya Njie.  Vanilla and cardamon, spicy, earth and with a slightly “boozy” effect. Wedding theme….garden party/casual, alternative.  

Pacific Rock Moss.  Beach wedding?  Aquatic, summery and aromatic, perfect for any summer fragrance and a honeymoon companion. Wedding theme...destination, beach wedding, alternative.

Magnolia & Peony of Silk, Ph Fragrances.  Lively, invigorating and deeply floral with sweet notes of vanilla. Wedding theme….romantic, fairytale, rustic

G-Clef, Sarah Baker.  Complex fougére fragrance, think of the invigorating notes of live jazz. Wedding theme….alternative, garden party/casual.  

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Happy Scenting from Floralia Perfume Boutique!

P.S….remember nobody smells as good as the person you love (unknown quote).