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Comforting treats this Easter

As much as we’d love to celebrate the official arrival of springtime, it doesn’t quite feel like the seasons have changed yet, so we’re indulging in sweet treats leading up to Easter and don’t have to worry about piling on the pounds….Among our many addictive fragrances, we’ve selected Superfusion by luxury French perfume house Maison J.U.S that’s comforting and moreish, just like indulging in our favourite chocolates.

“A musky blend, carefully crafted to create a striking contrast between hot and cold.” writes Céline Ellena, the nose behind the musky fragrance.  Notes of immortelle, sugared almond and white musk most definitely unfold to milky facets creating a truly comforting scent.  Customer comments?  “I love it so much wear it to bed and seem to have sweet dreams…” or “wearing this perfume is like slipping into a pair or warm, silk pyjamas“…we couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

Now let’s talk the brand; Maison J.U.S is an innovative perfume brand which reinvents luxury to make it more sustainable and responsible, granting creative freedom to talented perfumers. Founded by creative trio Brigitte Wormser, Thierry de Baschmakoff and Jean-Baptiste Roux, they sought not only to allow master perfumers the freedom of developing scents without brand instruction or target audiences, but also to introduce sustainability to the modern shapes and colours of the unique upcycled packaging.  And the packaging?  Simply fabulous, bright, original and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Enjoy your sensorial journey with Maison J.U.S….Joyau, Unique, Sensorial.

Happy Scenting

Avril x

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