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Brand Spotlight….Olfactive O

Olivia da Costa

Olfactive O, a UK perfume house made of “two halves”.

“Olfactive is the master perfumer but who is he?  We only know he is an anonymous perfumer who trained at Grasse and has produced fine fragrances for prestigious brands, but now wishes to be known for the perfumes he creates.  Why?  Whilst working for the brands he craved privacy and seclusion, a world away from the large impersonal laboratories and mass production methods of trend-led perfume brands.  Now he creates fragrances from his own studio in the silence of the British countryside energised with creative freedom…just where, we don’t know.

“O” is Olivia da Costa, pictured above, is the brand’s Creative Director, a firm believer in the power of fragrance and finding the right fragrance suited to your personality.  Frustrated by the commercialism of mass-produced big brands, Olivia launched Olfactive O promoting simplicity, authenticity and personality in fragrance.  And thank heavens she did – each and every fragrance is unique in its individuality, all intriguingly sumptuous, fresh, warm and deep…

Who are you?


“I bring the sunshine with me, I make you smile and close your eyes. In my heart lies romance and an effortless femininity. I am music and light, flowers and gossip. I wear my learning lightly, admire elegance and favour tranquillity. My feet are firmly planted, but I always feel the wind in my hair.”

MomentsCocktails with friends, summer days sitting under a cherry tree. 


“I’m a fire-cracker, the party-starter, the one you don’t want to miss. I make you laugh out loud. My rules are my own and I play with convention, but I’m kind and generous of spirit, inviting you to join me in life’s mad fling. I am the first one to dive in, the last one to go to bed.”

MomentsEarly evening in Soho, pop art and citrus colours. 


I am the pleasure-seeker, the bon vivant, the giver of hugs and gifts. I treat myself as well as I treat others and appreciate the delight of good coffee, an armful of flowers and a batch of warm cakes.

You’ll find me in the cafés of Vienna and Paris or curled up on the sofa in a huge sweater with a favourite film. I am deep velvet, the glow of a fire, memories of good times. I indulge, but I never overstp.

Moments Cakes at the patisserie, autumn in Paris.


“I am the heroine, the scene-stealer, the one that got away. I’ll burn on your imagination long after I’ve left the room and you’ll wonder if you dreamt me. I am warm and generous and I love the joy of eating with friends, champagne late at night and a beautiful dress. I am deep colours and unspoken passion.”

MomentsCandlelight and silk dresses, a secret tattoo. 


I am the curious mind, the subtle presence. I travel the world but tread lightly and you’ll learn my secrets slowly. I am cashmere, russet and dark chocolate, bringing you solace and the space to just be. I am a walk in the woods, a warm bath, a good book.

MomentsA letter to a lover,  Espresso in a French café


“I am the alchemist, the musician, the story-teller. I am confident in my own skin and never need to pretend. I confound expectations and you’ll keep coming back to me, intrigued and charmed. I am sun-warmed skin on the beach, tousled hair, the cool of cotton sheets at the end of the day.”


Skin is for everyone, universal yet deeply personal. The delicate balance of notes blends with your skin chemistry to create the absolute essence of you – unmistakable and compelling.

It can be applied on its own or worn in combination with any of the other personality scents to magnify and enhance your unique scent.


Skin comes with a small inkpad for you to brand your bottle with your unique scent fingerprint. The ink is oil-based, acid-free, non-toxic, safe for skin and will wash off your finger easily.