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Brand Spotlight, Obvious Parfums

Good for the people and good for the planet“, and what could be more important and relevant in the society we live in today.  Contemporary and conscious, the Obvious perfume brand from France was launched over 2 years ago, with the aim of creating a new understanding of luxury which reflects our modern society and new age of environmentally-conscious consumers.

The Obvious perfume brand was created by David Frossard (pictured above) who has over 20 years experience in developing niche perfumes. His goal was to create a luxurious brand without the frills, with a strong focus on the environment creating scents that meet the requirements of modern day living focussing on simplicity and sustainability.

Each and every fragrance is made with love and care, using environmentally responsible raw materials when possible, with natural ingredients as opposed to synthetic and also uses organic alcohol during the process of dilution. Stylish yet simple packaging is recycled, with no plastic or cellophane whilst the bottles are made from recycled glass with tops made of wine cork production offshoots.

Now let’s talk fragrances. Obvious perfumes feature a selection of 9  fragrances, 8 of which are available here at Floralia Perfume Boutique (un Oud is their latest addition and available here at the boutique from Jan 2023). All exquisitely luxurious yet modern, the fragrances are simplistically named after their key notes, Un Bois (Woods – beautifully fresh and woody), Un Poivre (Pepper – literally, a unique fragrance with Indian Pink and Black pepper), Un Patchouli (pure patchouli essence from Indonesia). Une Figue is the latest to join the perfume selection at Floralia with heart notes of fig, Corsican Immortelle absolute, Marine accords. Obvious fragrances can also be layered; under each fragrance description are the recommendation of its fragrance partner, captivating a unique mood or moment.

At £95 for 100ml, Obvious perfumes retail at a fair price which supports a production chain of suppliers who are committed to a sustainable development approach despite demand still being so low in the luxury sector.

Planet-friendly – Sustainable Luxury – Made in France

Less is more…this is Obvious!