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Brand Spotlight, Frassai, a journey through South America

Frassai, the first woman-founded niche perfume house from Argentina, offers a landscape of unique fragrances that embark upon an olfactive sensorial journey through South America, where the beauty of its scenery, people and artists have inspired the creation of these unique scents.

Brand founder, Natalia Outeda (pictured above) began her scented journey back in 2005 working at Quest International which is now part of Givaudan.  Natalia returned to her native Buenos Aires in 2013 and founded Frassai, a creation of niche unisex perfumes blended using “slow” methods, which depict the beauty of South America and its olfactive journeys.  At Floralia Perfume Boutique, the only UK retailer (for now!) you’ll find four scents from the Frassai range; each scent tells a different story, from the nostalgia of the ingredients behind the torta negra brought by the Welsh immigrants to Patagonia (Tiesenddu – Welsh for “black cake”) to the mysterious Cuir Pampas which tells of the nomadic freedom of the gaucho venturing through the Pampas lands.

Frassai perfumes are not just fragrances, but an experience, a journey and a celebration of the unique diversity of South America.

Thank-you Natalia for your creative talent and for sharing these wondrous fragrances.

Avril x